Swarming Spectres

The Spectres are immortal, and it can be said Death is their downfall. Ironically the thing they want to destroy most, experience, becomes their downfall because the ghosts of the human adults can fight them and vaporize them. The Spectres don't do that and they are powerless against ghosts.

The Spectres are dominant in The Subtle Knife because they have come through the gateway between worlds and eaten almost every adult daemon in the world, leaving their humans as decaying husks which have no conscience.

The Spectres are invisible to children, such as Will, and this becomes apparent in a seemingly desolate, barren world. The Spectres are first mentioned by Angelica, a child refugee from the city, who says that the Spectres ate everyone and left the world barren.

Her younger brother Paolo remarks they have an older brother in the city, and he says "He's gonna get -" but Angelica smacks him and this is obviously meant to be a secret. He says he would go through and get the Knife himself, but cannot because the Specters would eat him, implying he has a daemon, which he does. Sir Charles asks Will to get the Knife, and Will gets the weapon after fighting Angelica's brother, Tullio, who is insane, but Will wins. Angelica's brother then goes into a coma and is eaten by Spectres and the children vow revenge.

The old man, Giacomo Paradisi, who was being held captive because he had the Knife in his possession, is released by Will and Paradisi says that Will is now the bearer. So, Will has to accept his destiny and let the old man drug himself into death because it is the only way for the old man to escape the Spectres. The old man had told Will the Spectres fear the Knife, and this comes in useful in the quest with the witches many times. Link to post Share on other sites. Recommended Posts.

Archived This topic is now archived and is closed to further replies. Go to question listing. Sign In Sign Up. They are divided into large families , the heads of which make up the Gyptians' Council, which is ruled by John Faa , the King of the Gyptians, the Council also includes Farder Coram. Gyptians sometimes gather in a "byanroping, a summons or muster of families". Their society, while widely dispersed geographically, is tightly knit. Gyptian children are extravagantly loved and looked after by other members if they stray.

Gyptians have a distinctive physical appearance, which Lyra attempts to assume. They also have a distinctive accent and vocabulary containing "Fens-Dutch" words. The Gyptians' Dutch-ness also shows itself in their preference for drinking "jenniver" Dutch genever , in their Dutch names Dirk Vries, Raymond van Gerrit, Ruud Koopman , and their use of Dutch terms such as "landloper".

Landloper is an old Dutch word meaning "land-walker", it is also a derogatory term meaning 'tramp' , the Gyptians use it disparagingly to refer to someone who is not a Gyptian. An additional source of inspiration for Pullman's creation of the Gyptians may have been the subculture of cargo narrowboat operators that grew up in the British isles in the 18th century, in the period between the development of the canals and the emergence of the railways. The families of these operators were constantly on the move and their children were seldom educated outside the home, as a result, narrowboat people tended to be regarded with suspicion by landsmen.

Gyptians are an honourable people, and appear to owe debts to Lord Asriel for defeating a proposed Watercourse Bill in Parliament, amongst other things. When they are made aware of the excesses of the Church researchers at Bolvangar they do their best to stop them.

Despite their honourable nature, they are sometimes perceived negatively by mainstream society. Although they trade fairly, they are described as partaking in "incessant smuggling and occasional feuds" in which they may kill other Gyptians.

Non-gyptian teenagers whom Lyra talks to insinuate that Gyptians steal horses, and that they are unconcerned by the disappearance of a Gyptian child. The Gyptians believe themselves to be "hit worse off than most" by the spate of child abductions in Northern Lights, and this may be what prompts them to collectively plan a rescue attempt.

This could also be a result of Gyptians having little other recourse in society, as they are described as having little standing in the law. Some Gyptians and half-Gyptians, such as Bernie Johansen , take up employment on land, although it appears that these are a minority. Some hide their gyptian heritage while still reporting information back to the gyptian leaders.

Serafina Pekkala's witch clan, who are based at Lake Enara, share a friendship with the Gyptians. This friendship was born from the relationship between Serafina herself and Farder Coram: Farder Coram once saved Serafina's life, and became her lover and father of her son who is already dead at the time of the trilogy. Spectres are also known as the Spectres of Indifference. They are beings of spirit escaped from the void between universes. Most commonly, a Spectre is created from each new window opened by the Subtle Knife.

Spectres feed upon the Dust that makes up a person's soul: their attack leaves a person in an immobile, zombie-like state. They are invisible to and do not harm pre-adolescents, as Dust has not yet settled upon them.

When the effects of a Spectre attack on a human are explained to Will , he hypothesises that they, or similar creatures, may also exist in our universe and may cause mental illness. This opinion is formed by the case of his mother, who seems to be suffering from paranoia and other symptoms of a disorder similar to schizophrenia. Spectres cannot be killed by any physical means, although numerous methods of countering their attacks exist. Angels can neutralise Spectres, and ghosts are able to hold them in combat.

Stanislaus Grumman uses his skills as a shaman to control one and send it onto a church zeppelin to attack the pilot, causing the craft to crash. Consequently, at the end of The Subtle Knife , Will and Lyra's guard of witches is taken by surprise and most have their Dust consumed by Spectres while flying.

Mulefa are members of a fictional species of sapient beings who inhabit a parallel Earth in the novel The Amber Spyglass. These elephant -like creatures evolved a distinct anatomy based on a diamond-framed skeleton without a spine: they have four legs, short horns, and a prehensile trunk that functionally takes the place of hands. Signing with the trunk is an integral part of Mulefa language.

They form close-knit communities, one of the reasons for the closeness may be that — lacking hands — it usually requires two or more Mulefa trunks working together to accomplish complex tasks like tying knots. A feature of the Mulefa is their use of large, disc-shaped seed pods from their world's enormous "seed-pod trees" in locomotion ; the pods fit neatly onto a spur on their front and rear legs when each zalif has grown enough to use it. They propel themselves using their other two legs, like a cyclist without pedals.

In their world, ancient lava flows, which solidified into smooth rivers of rock running across the land, serve as roads. The Mulefa have a symbiotic relationship with the seedpod trees — their use of the pods on the "roads" allows the pods' extremely hard exteriors to crack and the seeds to emerge.

These are germinated by the Mulefa, allowing the seed-pod trees to reproduce. As the book notes, the three elements of seed-pod, spur, and rock formation enable the continued existence of the Mulefa. Technologically, the Mulefa's civilization is reminiscent of humanity in the Stone Age. Mulefa live in wattle-and-daub villages and use simple tools — there is no evidence of any form of mechanisation in their world.

They do not use metal for any purpose other than ornaments. Reference is made to their domestication of the grazer herds, their non-intrusive use of trees to make lacquer, and their distilling of acid from rocks. One of their few natural enemies are huge white birds called tualapi which regularly destroy settlements with chilling ferocity, and which the Mulefa have no real defence against save retreating further inland. The Mulefa also appear to lack any sort of organised government; they appear to live in village groups with little or no contact between settlements.

The Mulefa's less advanced technology may be due to their limited trunks — the versatility and dexterity of hands giving humans an advantage. The fact that their natural environment supplies them with everything they need may also preclude any need for further development. By their own admission — to Mary Malone — Mulefa have much slower thought processes than humans, and do not easily visualise abstract concepts such as those in mathematics, or easily establish links and patterns.

A modern Mediterranean world with beautiful seas and temperate weather. The spectres have been common in this world for generations.

A world inhabited by the Mulefa and Tualapi. It has a savannah and prairie climate. The creatures here have a diamond-like skeleton. It is the setting for much of The Amber Spyglass. The underworld in The Amber Spyglass. Lyra and Will are carried across a lake to reach its gate by a ferryman reminiscent of Charon of mythology. Within the books, anyone who has ever died from any world goes there eternally where their ghosts are guarded by Harpies.

The Authority turned this world into a prison. The name given to the world in which Lord Asriel builds his army in preparation with war against The Authority. The only known inhabitants prior to the Asriel's forces are cliff ghasts , like those in Lyra's world. The land is mountainous and shows signs of volcanic activity. The Gallivespian characters come from this world, but the trilogy itself never goes there.

Abilities: Consume (Magic), Exhale (Magic), Swarm (Physical), Flood (Magic) Enigmatic Spectres have several attacks at their disposal, but it would be a mistake to focus on them.

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  1. Swarming Spectres by Phidion, released 27 February Lost in a stream 'tween the wake and the dream I feel Visions appear Like a dream in my sleep turns real An energy spread through the air Soon I dread it observes me With an evil intent To my psychic extent this presence choke me Frozen air, eyes I feel stare Faceless apparitions Freeze in fear, spectres drawn near Swarming with precision.
  2. The Spectres, also known as the Spectres of Indifference, are a group of lingering dark spirits and major antagonists in the trilogy His Dark Materials, setting the scenario for a zombie Apocalypse-like landscape that reigns in the world of Cittagaze, the city of the magpies. The Spectres came to Cittagaze through a dimensional portal, when one of the First Academics was taking apart atoms, he Alias: Spectres.
  3. Aberrant spectres are Slayer monsters that require level 60 Slayer to kill. They frequently drop large amounts of valuable herbs and herb seeds. A Macaw Summoning familiar is helpful as it will improve herb drops (however herbs will no longer be noted) (requires level 41 Summoning), as will herb gloves (a reward from the Fist of Guthix minigame). They are an excellent source of medium-high.
  4. Deviant spectres are stronger variants of aberrant spectres that require level 60 Slayer to kill. They are found exclusively within the Catacombs of Kourend. Although they have a slightly better drop table than aberrant specters and the ability to drop ancient shards and dark totem pieces, their Defence levels are notably higher, making them overall slower to kill. The player would also almost.
  5. Deviant spectres are stronger variants of aberrant spectres that require level 60 Slayer to kill. They are found exclusively within the Catacombs of Kourend. Directly south-east of the djr fairy ring there is a mysterious hole for quick access to this creature, which must be accessed from below before being able to be used. The closest bank to this location is the Shayzien bank, which is south.
  6. Organization solitary, pair, gang (3–6), or swarm (7–12) Treasure none. Spectres are evil undead that hate sunlight and living things. Most are the remnants of murdered or evil humans, their anger preventing them from entering the afterlife. Like ghosts, spectres haunt the places of their deaths, and seek to draw others into the lonely.
  7. Jan 20,  · Pilfering Swarm, Desecrate and Ore Gaze works on the Specters, you get more loot from them if they die in the area of your Tentacles or in your Petrify Beam, but you can't grab them with the Tentacles and you can't transmute them to stone. Share this post. Link to post Share on other sites. Go To Question Listing.

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