So Be It - Anubis Spire - Old Lions (In The World Of Snarling Sheep) (CD, Album)

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Bill is, instead, a true heretic, painting his musical landscapes with a Van Gogh-like intensity and abandon. Don't expect pretty brush strokes, though perfectly capable of it, he'd rather paint directly from the tube. So what can I say about a group that doesn't try to market themselves toward the latest hot fashion or give a damn about the most cash-heavy demographic? Not only does Anubis Spire blend anything and everything from whatever musical style they feel like exploring, but they mutate even the most easily identifiable influence so that on one hand, you may be drawn in to dismissing them as just another bunch of retro grave robbers, while on the other, they don't sound enough like the band you thought they were copying to make you feel comfortable Anything a little different has us running for the comfort of the already accepted.

What then can I say about a band that follows no set formula and curries no favor from anyone? What da ya think of my new tattoo? Each section deals with the specific effects of damage done and most importantly, just how that damage continues to ripple through all future interactions and even onto the world stage in the forms of fear, hate and violence.

Starting on a very personal internal level, the story runs ever onward through troubled relationships, adult disillusionment, corporate greed, religious insanity, and cut throat, media manipulation; all the while making it clear that the same seminal principle of might-makes-right exploitation and human devaluing is at play.

Once the pieces come together, it leaves us shocked and amazed that we've never recognized that simple fact before. Musically the band again avoids being pigeon-holed and tied down. They speed through diverse styles and genres as if they invented them. I was blown away by the level of originality and sheer musicianship of their debut CD Old Lions but the band has honestly re-invented and out done themselves on this one.

Bill, Tim, Mick and newest member, keyboardist David Sweet sound better than ever. Formed new years day after a chance jam session the night before, the group is made up of musical veterans who wanted to write and play music in the mid-seventies style of such bands as Led Zeppelin, Mahavishnu Orchestra, etc..

Contact Anubis Spire. Streaming and Download help. Report this album or account. If you like Anubis Spire, you may also like:. Long Haired Locusts by Godcaster. Barcelona's MOURN ditch teenage jerky post-punk for a harder-edged and more direct punk sound this time around. This batch of quarantine recordings by Texas musician Daily Worker recalls the classic lo-fi days of GBV, with hissy sonics and huge hooks. New York band The Big Easy make ultra-cathartic, catchy rock music that pulls from emo, indie, and pop-punk.

The first single from Mink's Miracle Medicine forthcoming LP is a shimmery work of melancholy modern country.

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