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Eventually we introduced paid accounts for content privacy and advanced features. It [sic] also an environment that can be easily adapted and customized to create almost any kind of website a group of people might need, and the people who are going to use the site can design it and build it themselves.

This is how seedwiki itself changes. The people who are using it find new things they want to do and we make the changes that make it possible to do those things. As well as adapting seedwiki to be a useful site on the web we help companies and organizations build their own useful applications on the web. We use seedwiki as a platform so that the people who need the application can do most of 21 Limiting involvement is not normally done in a wiki environment. It was done in this environment because of the educational component and the antecedent requirement that all participants knew the concept of a Bohmian dialogue.

Our experience running seedwiki as a public site helps us offer our consulting clients an ever more powerful and useable environment. Wiki Functionality To support a dialogue, the wiki chosen must have minimally: the ability to allow ease of editing preferably with a WYSIWYG editor , to allow modifications and creation of navigation, and the ability to interrogate the wiki to ascertain the content and perform analyses on that content.

Seedwiki possessed all of these functions. In this section, the functionality of wikis, generally, and Seedwiki, specifically are covered in more depth. The function that most people first think of when contemplating a wiki are the wiki pages. Wiki pages are the heart of a wiki system, within which hypertext embedding and linking are the most refined and useful functions. It is through linking of recorded knowledge that a wiki can represent understanding and interconnectedness.

Even though some implementations of wikis include other functionality, all other components of a wiki are utility functions, without which the wiki can survive and still maintain its usefulness.

Within wiki pages, one creates content and relates it to other content. Interrelating content is done with hypertext, which is implemented in a wiki using WikiWords. WikiWords are just as 95 they are written, smashed together words using camel case. In the wiki implementation for this research i. The use of a square bracket on each side of the word e. Other formatting capabilities are available, including underlining, bolding, headings, text in box, external links, centering, etc.

Additionally, the wiki provides a history of all edits. Any wiki page can be rolled back to any point in its life from the date of its creation until the latest edit. These two elements are essential for the analysis of the wiki as the instantiation of the dispersed Bohmian dialogue. The evaluation of the data provided by this instantiation and the analysis of the use of this instantiation as a test of the proffered design hypotheses are provided in Chapter 7.

Both class sections were polled to determine the level of interest in participating in the research. Those who wished to participate were relieved of the essay and test requirements but had to actively participate in the dialogue. All students decided to participate and were given the approved Informed Consent document see Appendix 3 to review and sign. It was determined, before obtaining signatures from the students, that all participants were over 18 years of age. The wiki was created and the seed questions were placed on the wiki at approximately one week intervals.

Figure 3 identifies the milestones of the research. Figure 3. Dispersed Bohmian Dialogue Timeline Participants The participants in this evaluation of a dispersed Bohmian dialogue were students in two sections of the same undergraduate Management Science class i.

All participants in the Bohmian dialogue were members of the Management Science class at Chapman University in the Spring Term of The class consisted of two sections i. For the purpose of this dissertation and Bohmian dialogue the largest obtainable population was sought; therefore, the two sections were combined in the same Bohmian dialogue.

There was a rather equal split across gender see Table 1 among the 54 participants. Table It would, therefore, normally be taken in the junior year. The students involved in this research were members of this class and participated in one of two sections that the researcher taught.

The distribution of their year in 99 Table The Chapman University School of Business has an Accounting major along with a general Business Administration major, in which, a student can pursue an emphasis in an aspect of business administration. Table 14 shows the distribution of Table All participants who agreed to participate were graded on their submissions.

The scoring of their contributions was binary i. There were four periods of approximately one week of discussion although there was no formal break between the periods or an end date. In fact, the participants were encouraged to discuss anything and to continue discussions past the evaluation time. The periods were developed for evaluative purposes. Each period commenced with a set of questions to stimulate participation.

Because of the subject matter of the course, the questions or statements were related to some aspect of information technology. Each question or statement was constructed to elicit a range of responses by presenting an idea or concept that was somewhat polarizing. To present this idea, we turn to John S. Mayo for the affirmative and to James H. Snider for the negative. The Issue: YES: "The information revolution will benefit society by slowing migrations from rural to urban areas, aiding economic development, and improving access to education, health care, and other social services.

To present this idea, we turn to Hans Moravec for the affirmative and to John R. Searle for the negative. The Issue: YES: "The necessary steps in what he considers to be the inevitable development of computers that match and exceed human intelligence. Where there is a range of numbers a colon separates the beginning from the end number. Also, feel free to embed questions that I or someone else can answer. The first question came from that movie; the second question came from the May issue of Wired magazine.

Is it plausible that this model of software development can work? Should commercial software users embrace open source? Is it reasonable to build a company around open source software? Is the open source movement just a blip or is it here to stay? I have listed these below. Also discussed is the ease in which someone with the correct technology can reprogram the chip or take the information. The author has a chip implanted in his arm.

He then goes to a friend that obtains the "secured" chip's information within 10 minutes. These chips are touted as the best security, replacing key cards for secured areas, etc.

However, as seen in the article, they are not as secure as they are described. A few things to think about and discuss: Some people have these chips in their pets including me and there are those that believe that they should also be implanted in children. With the ease of obtaining the ids from these chips and possibly reprogramming them, it would be easy to "snatch" a child by changing its id on the chip so when the real parents try to identify the child via the chip, it would not match.

Please consider the ethical, legal, moral, and common sense issues surrounding the implantation of chips, there use, and misuse. Question One What is this thing called Second Life? Since opening to the public in , it has grown explosively and today is inhabited by nearly , people from around the globe. I have added three links below.

The first is to the Second Life site. The second and third links are to articles on second life and one of the main players of Second Life who, by the way, makes a six-figure income doing so. Please investigate Second Life. Look at it from the social aspects e. Critically examine this idea and how, if at all, it related to the real world, or is it just an extension of the real world?

Discuss any aspects that you find interesting. Once their use was for security, but it is now possible to use your fingerprint as you credit card, or better yet from the stores' point-of-view your checking account because of lower fees. Read through the article from Fortune magazine and evaluate the use of biometrics and the financial, social, and legal aspects of this technology.

Remember that technology has two sides to it. A list of eleven questions were obtained and added to the wiki. Some of them were more successful than the others. For this week. Let's try something new.

Please propose something in which you are interested. I have added links below to new pages. Please add additional ones if required. Also, mimic the other weeks by putting a title next to the link. Follow the link to the topic page and explain the topic or question. The corpus was free coded to identify interesting examples of Bohmian dialogue and other communicative forms. The main sections of the corpus were analyzed to determine the type of communication that was established, the level of the communication based on the population communicating, and the appropriateness of the communication within a Bohmian dialogue.

Additionally, a survey was presented on the last days of the classes see Appendix 4. All of these items are used in the evaluation of the instantiation of the design theory and the underlying question of can a Bohmian dialogue take place with an information system built on the design theory and did one take place in this experiment. These results are presented in the Chapter 7 — Evaluation of the Instantiations Introduction The instantiation developed using the design theory presented in this dissertation was evaluated in the following manner: 1 a group was established and trained in the concepts of Bohmian dialogues and the use of a wiki, specifically Seedwiki, for the purpose of conducting a dispersed Bohmian dialogue using the instantiation as specified in the design theory; 2 the use of the instantiation and how it performed as a dispersed Bohmian dialogue according to the design theory was determined by the testable design hypotheses that were developed as part of the design theory; 3 the dispersed Bohmian dialogue was evaluated by reviewing the written record of the dispersed Bohmian dialogue i.

A graphical representation of the components of the evaluation is shown as Figure 4. It is the evaluation of the instantiation through the lens of the nine testable design hypotheses that is reported below.

For each of the hypotheses, the evidence evaluated is presented along with the analysis and conclusion. It is feasible to develop a DBD system that is available for use at little or no cost. The tested instantiation had 54 participants. No problems were associated with this number. The software utilized for the development of the dispersed Bohmian dialogue is capable of supporting the number of participants that would feasibly be included in a dialogue and possibly many more.

The tested instantiation is still available for use two years after first being made available. While it is currently not being used, it is still available and capable of use. Minor membership changes were made in the period of testing the instantiation.

If it were not for the dialogue being used as part of a class, the membership would be open to either self-authorization or no authorization before use. Wikis use both schemes to authenticate their participants e. Evaluation of the instantiation yields information on both the anytime aspect and anywhere aspect. Anytime As for anytime, an analysis was performed on all of the accesses done for the purpose of updating the wiki pages for the instantiation.

The observations were decomposed into twenty-four 24 groups each group representing one hour of the day. The data were decomposed using the hour component of the time of the change e. The results of this evaluation are shown in Figure 5. However, the use of a wiki is more dependent on the availability of the network and server on which the wiki is hosted.

The evidence suggests that given the server and network requirements, the wiki can support a dispersed Bohmian dialogue at all times of the day. Therefore, the anytime aspect of this hypothesis is supported. These observations were decomposed into a distinct set of IP addresses from which the update was initiated.

Updates were initiated from 93 unique IP addresses see Table Therefore, the anywhere Testable Hypothesis 5 TDPH05 It is feasible to design a DBD system that does not require hierarchical arrangement of its participants, which implies no management or control by one or more participants.

The instantiation in this dissertation allowed all participants to make any changes that they felt necessary to communicate the truth to the rest of the participants. There is no moderator in the instantiation. There is, however, an administrator, who provides technical support for the software and the instantiation.

These support functions are such things as backup, network configuration, addition of new users, and database administration functions.

No one, including the administrator, had any more control over content than any other participant. However, there were two departures from this. First, the administrator function was the only user who could perform a rollback to a specific wiki page or delete a wiki page. This limitation was put into place because of mistakes by participants who caused irrecoverable changes to wiki pages.

Without the delete function, the complete history of a wiki page is kept, even if all of the content is removed. Second, given the use of undergraduate classes as a surrogate, there was an instructor. This instructor provided motivation for participation via threats, grades, and general harassment. The motivational components of these acts are not within the scope of this research. It is necessary to point out that, while there was a controlling presence in the instructor, this influence was directed toward use and not content.

The students were encouraged to participate by the instructor, but were free to make the contribution that they wanted, in the form they wanted, and with the ideas and opinions they wanted.

They were not directed to accept or move toward a given idea or opinion. As such, this is not equivalent to a moderator or facilitator on the dialogue that directs content. This is a feature that is central to Bohmian dialogues. However, even with traditional Bohmian dialogues, suspension is difficult to practice and even more difficult to ascertain from the participants.

Even with interrogation, the participants, knowing it is a desirable characteristic of participation, might be less than candid in their assessment of their own acts. Additionally, within the instantiation, the evaluation of suspension was made more difficult because of the nature of the scope of their subject matter. Suspension can, and should, happen in any dialogue by the participants. It is most apparent and its absence is most apparent in dialogues in which the subject matter is contentious and or polarizing.

The way these were handled within the wiki was to bifurcate the wiki page into the two opinions in some cases, multiple options with crossreferencing via hyperlinks. In this manner, both sides are presented and the collective knowledge of the subject and its analysis are easily visible to the participants as it would be in a traditional Bohmian dialogue if both parties were given the chance to provide their opinions.

While there is evidence that the instantiation supports suspension, this determination cannot be made with any certainty. However, one could not make this determination by observation or other method in a non-dispersed Bohmian dialogue with any certainty. Therefore, this It is assumed that the participants who can effectively suspend their beliefs, thoughts, impulses, and judgments can do so in a dispersed Bohmian dialogue also.

Additionally, one benefit of the dispersed Bohmian dialogue is that the absence of the temporal limitation allows the participants additional time for reflection that they would not have had if participating in a non-dispersed Bohmian dialogue. There are more data to support this presented in the further analysis described later in this chapter. Support of Any Subject Matter A wiki as a dispersed Bohmian dialogue supports the development of wiki pages.

It is within these wiki pages that the content is contained. This content is dependent on the participants. Without a controlling influence, the wiki will support all content. No subject matter is barred. The wiki is essentially a content management facility.

It has no functionality for censorship, only content management. See Table 17 for the complete list of page names that were generated within the instantiation.

A wide variety of names and associated content is shown. Therefore, this dimension is supported by the design theory and its instantiations. All of this is subject to the editing of the other participants.

However, the correction of any departure from a subject will be just a change in the navigation between pages or the creation of a new page to support the alternative idea i. Because of the content management nature of a wiki, there is no limitation on tangential departures from the subject. Figure shows the total pages i. Figure shows the domain map for internal links i. This figure is also shown in a larger format in Appendix 6.

Because of the use of the wiki, it is easy to synthesize many diverse thoughts using the ability to link pages via hyperlinks Nelson, This synthesis can be measured, to some extent, by evaluating these links. The wiki pages by themselves can store the entire content of a dialogue; however, for effective use of the collective knowledge, some synthesis is required. This synthesis is seen by linking thoughts i.

Figure 6 and Figure 7 show the link processes that were developed as part of the test of this instantiation. No programming was required for building any part of any of the instantiation. All of the instantiation was constructed from the technology provided through the Seedwiki software. This lowers the cost which contributes to the support of Testable Hypothesis 9. Also, it is possible for the construction of a wiki to support a dispersed Bohmian dialogue by an average computer user.

This allows the use of a DBD by those most interested in using Bohmian dialogues to support their work. Largely, the practitioners of Bohmian dialogues are not information technology people.

The use of a wiki with its absence of a programming requirement for implementation enables non-technical people to utilize a tool without limitations. As this research and the design theory suggest, this is an enabling technology for possible social change. This hypothesis is supported. The instantiation in this dissertation utilized the Seedwiki software.

Aside from the computer and the Internet connection, the software is all available at little if passwords are required or no cost. Therefore, since this research supports the use of low-cost software i. Other Criteria for Success The development of a design theory requires certain defined components including the testable design hypotheses.

While the design theory can be supported through these hypotheses, they do not necessarily provide a complete picture of success. It is difficult to achieve success with a non-dispersed Bohmian dialogue. A dispersed Bohmian dialogue has the same problems. Bohmian dialogues are about process, not outcomes.

It is this process that allows the possibility of outcomes. In any endeavor in Bohmian dialogues, there is no guarantee of success. The only thing that we have is the process that allows us to communicate and capture the collective knowledge of the assembled participants. Therefore, we look for evidence that the dialogue can occur and thrive in the chosen environment, whether face-to-face or dispersed.

The following sections are presented as examples of this evidence. Summary The evaluation of the instantiations through the lens of the testable hypotheses is summarized in Table It shows that one can develop a dispersed Bohmian dialogue from the proffered design theory and the use of a wiki can support a dispersed Bohmian dialogue. Featured in collections. Statues by ShinyFactor. ASFR by sumiretakumi. Featured in groups See All. Comments 7. Have and awesome day!

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FSLR getting stupid expensive again, might be our next focus short next week if someone reminds me. IWM is so manipulated it is just not funny. You opinion pls thks. But, with foresight and planning most if not all tax issues can be panned around. For many years, I saw many attorneys giving bad advice to protect the future probate fees.

Yes, your right farming is the biggest gamble for the family farmer. These prescriptions to redistribute the wealth already gathered ignore one point: in the pre-reagan years when marginal rates were extortionary, a very few still controlled most of the wealth on earth.

Any scheme to tax away the wealth of the few, will not do anything to change the result in the long run. The world will always have poverty and meager living hand to mouth for the masses. As Reagan said to Jimmy Carter ….. Tell them they can keep their. Curious what a graph of spending vs congressional control would look like.

I am pretty middle of the road when it comes to politics so I am genuinely interested. It has to be asked… Stickable?

Acobra, I can assure you, your estate passed under a much better tax regime than ours did. I am also pretty sure that Dad and his brother got some bad advice.

The farm was sold to another lawyer very common in farm country. Simple truth, your family got a better deal two years ago than ours did in or The complaints against the estate tax are greatly overstated.

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Today this is not possible. The barriers to entry are too high. This market is a total sham when you consider how big they are in comparison to everyone else.

To argue either values or technicals in this market is just ludicrous. I think this whole credit score thing is a scam…. Matt — just buy ARNA…. But for those following the system, we are still above all the markers no sell signal ; TBT still climbing. Secondly you mention Trina in your valuation section, but I guess you meant Sunpower. This market is going to fail miserably by Tuesday….

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I will try to keep all of your points of view in mind. I do not have a mail order bride thank ya very much! TEVA — one can start scaling, but they may have more to go, so be careful. I thought the same for GILD…. This is their 52wk low…. Better to do this through shells, of course but there are many ways to "beat" the estate tax laws as they are now structured. Of course the best beat is still dying by Dec 31st, now called "The Steinbrenner Strategy.

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Phil, On the WFR play, the order only triggered the Call and Puts selling but not the stock… this was already a few days back. Now with these moves, obviously the calls are much more than the puts have depreciated… how can I fix it?

Anything to be done? Phil — do you like USO puts or shorting oil for the more adventurous over the weekend? In the past you suggested a strangle, is that the way you are still playing them? Do you think we will see a spike before their Sept dividend? They are ok here, but the option prices change ex div. They are good here, but the Avastin negative could hurt them in the long run. I would wait til after ex-div. FYI — I will be spotty next week as I will be in the heartland, building my shelter….

I will try to answer things AH. Good weekend all! TEVA is nice long-term but they were getting expensive. There, done. Not paying taxes is all about personal greed. That is excess, that is debauchery. You want to see them hold it for a few days and establish it as a floor to go long above there.

Do you have a stop? If you run the scenario out over years, the chance of people NOT having ALL of the money at the end is infinitesimal. Then they divide it all up, write some new rules and start a new game until some other set of jerks rise too far to the top. At some point you need to buy the stock if you already sold the puts and calls.

We have the hurricane thing and the rally thing and the Euro may rally and jam down the dollar next week. Monday is shaping up to be the most interesting in some time.

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I must disagree with Phil that mankind is inherently to be granted a redistribution as a birthright. Phil- When, if ever, do you execute options? I currently have 3 Oct 3 Calls for ARNA and I was considering converting the options to stock because of the risky nature of the company. But I really like the company and I believe they can do well. I realize that this does not really jibe with many of the strategies here and that I should probably follow the rules 1.

Take the money. I missed pretty much the whole day. Can someone tell me why AMZN is at , after being sub after hours yesterday? I am baffled ….

I think I did the right thing to maintain some hedge going into next week.. The CEO says this is a wild overreaction and it is. The bigger concern is they need to raise some money and todays news and stock reaction is a killer.

Not happy …. Enough said about this issue. This is a perfect example of how polarize this country is. CatchUp Reviews. Loose sketchy renders He is an architect in New Jersey who was an early adopter of SketchUp. He used to participate in the early days of the old Last SketchUp Forums. These days he uses SketchUp to communicate designs for his modern house-plans website. I attach images of one of Greg's designs that uses modified shipping containers as housing.

I think Greg's design shows off his considerable design skill plus shows off my style to good effect. The grey-scale image is pure SketchUp output.

5 Cool Batch Files: In This instructable you will get 5 codes for 5 useful batch things - Password Generator - Password Protected Command Prompt - Website Crasher - Website Pinger - PC Cleanup Utilities () which is not a lot if you were to make something that had multiple ips and used different device names you could do so. 0. AnonU1.

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