Secrets Of The Continent - Horologium - A Handful Of Dust And Ashes (CD)

We feel throbbing bass one minute, the other surrounded by murmuring crowds. From within them the cough of pestilence echo through halls that never end. This is fresh twist on the dark ambient genre and drone music. It is hard to pin down this musical entity.. Early works were already strong and skillfully arranged, but each release showed a progression and maturation in sound, culminating in the brilliance that is Behind Blinding Light.

On a whole, Behind Blinding Light stands on its own as a recording of great depth and compositional expertise, and can be regarded as a benchmark recording of pure and true industrial music. Artwork remains essentially the same as the LP, configured to an 8 panel digipak.. Husere Grav - You Are Transparent Crucial Blast: Blaze The mysterious Husere Grav arose from the ashes of black metal duo Homunculus in , and over the past eight years has released some spectacular pieces of dread-filled industrial blackness.

These seven crushing, crepuscular dronescapes are littered with bursts of creepy metallic whirr, pipe organ and ghastly reverb that rise above a sea of churning, distorted low-end rumble. As the listener drifts further out across the abyss, the sound mutates, transforming into a vast, ethereal roar, hypnotic and speaker-rattling, before erupting into walls of incandescent, distorted synth.

This is true dream-music for the end times. Next to "Soundtrack for the Aquarium", it is the most ambient album in Hybryds discography. Tracks full of stillness are interrupted by samples from several iconic films. The later album "Voices without a Sound" perfectly goes with the first disc it contains recordings from , originally released under the name Na-Dha. The recordings on this one are the effect of improvisations recorded live which also can be heard perfectly.

Sandy Magthea Nijs shows here a slightly more ritual face of his music, a bit closer to the early recordings of Hybryds. Still, it is a pensive, moon music. Hybryds - Ritual of the Rave 2CD Zoharum: Zohar For the past several years Zoharum has been reissung the subsequent albums of the Belgian independent scene legend, Hybryds; so far five has been released. It has not lost its freshness in those years.

It is electronica with strong ambient and ethnic music influences locked in six long, slowly developing compositions. Here there are rhythmic elements directly taken from techno which announced further changes in the Belgian project's repertoire. This is also one of the expanded editions of their classic albums. The second disc shows what Hybryds was like at concerts during the period when the recordings were made live tracks compose the first five tracks recorded in In addition, we have three studio compositions here here.

The first one belongs to the collaborative Hydra project, whose only official recording appeared on the compilation "The Uncertain Future" on Antler. The Nile has played an important role in the history of Africa. The top half of Africa is mostly dry, hot desert. This region is home to wild animals such as lions, giraffes, elephants, hyenas, cheetahs, and wildebeests. Much of Africa is a high plateau surrounded by narrow strips of coastal lowlands.

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Previously, in fact, some researchers had already suspected that the chaotic landscape of the Mediterranean might be concealing the remains of a lost continent. It was even believed that the relics were scattered across as many as 30 different countries.

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Barcelona - 26 September Limited to hand-numbered copies in Amaray CD safe case with insert. Eliot Track 10 is not credited on the sleeve, but it's most likely "Miniatura Pt. Recorded between May and June in Zielona Gora. Elliot's poetry "The waste land".

This release combine the darkest side of what we can call traditional symphonic industrial style With the addtion of some folkish and liturgical elements from eastern part of Europe, this release presents a very serious and impressive opus in a nihilistic way Welcome, Guest. Limited to hand-numbered copies. The catalogue number for this release is for some reason identical to that of Bad Sector - Unification Ver. It is not visible, and playable, for all CD players.

Limited to copies.

Old Europa Cafe is a free thinkers society, No Politics, No Religions, No Standards, amen. frater Rudolf von Old Europa, industrial power-electronics dark-ambient martial noise neo-folk.

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  1. Mar 20,  · Released in a middle-mounted six-panel digipak. Tracks were recorded between December and February , previously released by Cynfeirdd in an amount of copies on CDr under the title A Handful Of Dust. Tracks 11 to 14 come from the MCD Opium released by Void Rekordz in Tracks 15 and 17 were recorded live at the Kindergarten Club in Bolonia, Italy on Sept. 12, .
  2. Secrets Of The Continent: 5: Miniatura Pt 6: Ominous Morning Din: 7: Miniatura Pt 8: Horologium: A Handful Of Dust And Ashes Sell This Version: ZOHAR Horologium: A Handful Of Dust And Ashes ‎ (CD, Comp, Promo) Zoharum: ZOHAR Poland: Sell This Version: Recommendations Reviews Add Review4/5(3).
  3. A Handful of Dust HOROLOGIUM CD-R in Mini DVD Box but united here by a peculiar sediment of dust and rust; it’s a journey in time to strictly limited “A Handful of Dust”, published by Cynfeirdd in Tracklist 1 Miniatura Pt.1 2 Franco 3 Miniatura Pt.2 4 Secrets Of The Continent 5 Miniatura Pt.3 6 Ominous Morning Din 7 Miniatura Pt.
  4. Sep 26,  · All materials published on the forum is intended for persons over 18 years. If you are under 18 years of age you must immediately leave the forum.
  5. Horologium – A Handful Of Dust And Ashes July 29, by darkroomrituals tagged dark ambient, industrial, martial, zoharum records | Leave a comment Zoharum records, ZOHAR , 16 Jun
  6. HOROLOGIUM – ‘A Handful Of Dust And Ashes’ CD – £ / £ / £ “A Handful of Dust and Ashes” is a collection of tracks recorded during various occasions, but united here by a peculiar sediment of dust and rust; it’s a journey in time from the strictly limited “A Handful of Dust” (Cynfeirdd, ) to “Opium.
  7. Oct 31,  · Die Militarmusik Forum» Musik» Martial Industrial» Horologium (Grzegorz Siedlecki. martial industrial, dark ambient. Poland).
  8. 歌手:Horologium(Grzegorz Siedlecki)。 服务条款 | 隐私政策 | 儿童隐私政策 | 版权投诉指引 | 意见反馈. 网易公司版权所有© 杭州乐读科技有限公司运营: 浙网文[]号. 违法和不良信息举报电话: 举报邮箱: [email protected] 粤B 工业和信息化部备案管理系统网站 浙公网安.
  9. 04 - Secrets Of The Continent () 05 - Miniatura Pt.3 () 06 - Ominous Morning Din () 06 - A Handful Of Dust 07 - Horologium Mundi 08 - Copula - Metafizyka (Horologium as GS) (Album) (VBR kbps) - A Handful Of Dust And Ashes (Album) (VBR kbps).

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