R.C. Jewell And The Shooters - King Of The Table (Vinyl)

California - All ammunition must be shipped to an FFL. Connecticut - Entire State. Illinois- Entire State. Orders to Chicago must be shipped to an FFL. Massachusetts - Entire State. Need a Pilot? They were experienced journalists with good law enforcement sources. This was also a sensational and unexpected turn in a story that was being pursued by every major news organization in the country.

To be beaten by an outside news organization in your own backyard is the ultimate competitive humiliation. In addition to law enforcement sources who would not let their names be used or the agencies identified, Scruggs and Martz had two other slight but possibly corroborating pieces of information. The paper had dispatched a year-old intern named Christina Headrick to stake out the apartment complex where Jewell lived.

There she saw several men in plain clothes watching the apartment through binoculars. It was not until after the story was out, though, that Headrick confirmed that the men were FBI agents. Headrick also knocked at the apartment door; she says Jewell refused to open the door and told her to come back when his mother returned. Jewell, Headrick thought, sounded scared.

The two reporters, Scruggs and Martz, sat down to write the story with Scruggs at the computer and Martz looking over her shoulder. The phrasing was not so simple. Martz had been told that Jewell was not the only one under scrutiny. He was "a prime suspect" but "there were still other individuals that they law enforcement were looking at as possible suspects," Martz would recall. Scruggs, too, understood that Jewell was "a suspect. Should they call Jewell a "suspect," "focus" or "target?

While others were under suspicion, Martz at least thought Jewell was the lead suspect. Walter decided the story should use the word "focus," Scruggs would recall.

The word focus was "a less damning word, a less strong word," than suspect. Scruggs second sentence in the lead said Jewell also "fits the profile of the lone bomber. Martz had one source for this. The source, Martz would explain later, had told him that "there was a profile of a lone bomber" and that Jewell fit it. The information seemed solid. She knew there was some sort of profile. And both reporters believed this was a key factor in the thinking of law enforcement officials now, and needed to be high up in the story.

The third key element in the story was that Jewell had been approaching news organizations trying to make himself into a celebrity. This was connected, as Scruggs and Martz understood it, to the "profile" of a lone bomber who wanted to engineer his own heroism.

In their initial draft, Scruggs and Martz wrote that, "Jewell has become a celebrity in the wake of the bombing, making an appearance on the Today Show. A key issue as they wrote involved attribution. On this, the managing editor of the paper, John Walter, made an important decision. The Atlanta Journal Constitution has a policy against using anonymous sources. It requires a managing editor to waive the prohibition. Walter decided that Scruggs should use what the paper calls the "voice of God" approach when it came to attributing the information.

The voice of God approach means that the paper would not attribute the story to unnamed sources. Account settings Themes Sign out. Blend in this channel? Would you like to blend into? You'll hear a mix of music from both channels! Blend in No thanks. Blend in a new channel? You can blend together multiple channels on AccuRadio. Related Extras. Related Videos. Video Transcript. Good evening we begin tonight with a man who wants his good name back. Three months ago at the Olympics Richard Jewell was called a hero.

Before he was called the one and only suspect in the Olympic bombing. Three months ago it was said he done exactly what he was supposed to do. When he saw a suspicious package before it was said far and wide that he fits the profile of a lone bomber. And now after the Justice Department wrote him a letter this weekend saying he was the longer the target of an FBI investigation.

Today mr. Jewell was able to look the enemy in the face and say what he thought of the FBI. However, in the process, some insisted the film committed the same act against Scruggs. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Theatrical release poster. Release date. Running time. AFI Fest. Retrieved October 30, Deadline Hollywood. Retrieved December 14, The Numbers. Nash Information Services. Retrieved February 6, Box Office Mojo. Retrieved February 7, Retrieved December 13, Retrieved December 6, The Guardian.

The New York Times. April 1, Potter at Do you have information to share about the life of Jewell King?

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  4. Jewell King, Feb. 23, , p.m. Jewell King, a year-old black woman, was shot and killed Saturday, Feb. 19, in the block of South Main Street in Broadway-Manchester, according to Los Angeles County coroner's records.
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