Pincushion - Various - Twin Cities Electropunk Volume 7 (CD)

Puppet was released on November 1. Menu Skip to content. Home About Contact Shows Subscribe. Like this: Like Loading Figgles McGee of Gabriel and the Apocalypse by aztalanturf. Source: The Rope's Official Facebook. Twin Cities Electropunk CD Release Twin Cities Electropunk is releasing their 6th compilation showcasing 21 Twin Cities bands who embrace synthesizers, guitars, and the punk rock attitude.

Connect Facebook Twitter Tumblr. Post to Cancel. This album really lead me down the path into techno music, and after all these years album still sounds fantastic. Lovelife by Lush This was my first album I bought by Lush. I had seen the video for "Ladykiller" on MTV and immediately fell in love with the song. Sadly it would be the last album by Lush too.

Satellites by Cylab Satellites is one of those albums that has really stuck with me over the years and has never aged with time unlike me The production is just amazing and timeless with me. His score for Departures is one of my personal favorite soundtracks as is Spirited Away. I had a hard time choosing between those two soundtracks but in the end opted for Spirited Away which was one of my first Miyazaki films that I had watched and was completely enraptured with.

Still love both the film and soundtrack. Republica by Republica I still love listening to this album to this very day. At one point I used to drive one of my former roommates with this album. Cuckoo by Curve This was my first Curve album.

Bought a cassette version on a whim. The rest is history if any of you know me and my fetish for their music ;. Karma by Delerium A former roommate introduced me to Delerium right around the time I was getting ready to move back to Minnesota from Wisconsin.

I loved what I heard on this album then, still do to this very day. I still am not a fan of "Silence". Heard that song way too many damn times on so many chillout compilations and soundtracks. The music sounds so new to me once again. Nightbird by Erasure I would have listed The Innocents which I love but that album had really weak production, plus wasn't big on a couple of tracks.

Now Nightbird on the other hand is a solid synthpop album by Erasure and their strongest effort at least with me. Everytime I listen to it, I don't think of the fact that it is eight years old. Homogenic by Bjork The Dividing by Android Lust Empires by VNV Nation Whenever I am in a pissed off mood, I can always count on this album to calm me down.

It is the soundtrack to my life. Bloodletting by Concrete Blonde Love, love, love this album. Star by Belly I think Belly got totally written off as a one hit wonder which is a damn shame.

Star is such a classic modern rock album from the '90s. I think it was and still is underappreciated. Music still sounds awesome now as it was when I was a freshman in college. Sunday, January 27, Albums I am currently listening to. If you like aggrotech, I definitely think you will like the harsh,nihilistic sounds of Promidal. I shot a full gigabyte last night, pictures in all, so the editing process is going to take a while longer than usual.

With band after band in both the Entry and First Avenue going at the same time, this was no normal show. Also coming soon are a full review by Andrea Myers and more photos from Steve Cohen. Oh, and this just in. And another from Andrea Myers. The Hexagon Bar will, of course, still be open for business.

Doors are at 7PM. Here's a special sneak preview of some of the photos by Steve Cohen of musicphotography. I know it probably seems like I live at the Hexagon Bar , but I do very well for myself there. It's almost like I don't have to go to shows anymore. I just go to the Hexagon, and sure enough the shows come to me.

And with "never a cover," it just can't be beat. There's no review yet, but here's a link to the photo set. Though I enjoyed the Hexagon's music far more Friday night, the Tagine photos were hands down winners.

Two of the best photos in Saturday's Hexagon set, including the one above, were taken by photographer Matt Porath , who was on hand to see the Flavor Crystals.

Matt was kind enough to show me a few pointers literally involving aim on flash usage Speedlight EX and take a few shots with my Canon XT. Since many, many people will be getting Digital SLR's for Christmas this year, it is oh so reassuring to know that despite advancing technology, that "it ain't what you do, it's the way that you do it" that gets results.

Chuck Olsen of mnstories was at First Avenue at the Low show Friday evening and posted a few prize photos of Alan Sparhawk and the band in his Flickr blog. Below is one. See the rest here. Late in the evening, we had a bit of an unofficial summit meeting as contributors Andrea Myers and Jennifer Whigham piled in from the Triple Rock to join Cyn Collins and me at the Hexagon.

By the tail end of the Belles of Skin City , who were headlining booker Chris Dorn 's birthday party, we were all together in the same club for I think was the first time ever.

And damn, it didn't occur to me to take a group photo. So I ranked as the 5 best Dodgeball. That doesn't bode well for Dodgeball considering I used the service only on 3 separate days. If it hadn't been for my Thursday night before Thanksgiving runaround where I managed to check in from each of the 9 venues I went to that night, I likely wouldn't have made the top How does Minneapolis rank up in terms of check-ins to other Dodgeball cities in the U.

Top 10 Dodgeball Cities in November based on number of check-ins, out of 22 cities 1. Tuesday, October 11, Albums that should be heard.

Unfortunately there really isn't an album that I have been listening to for the past several days regularly that I haven't mentioned here on my blog so I thought instead post some of my favorite albums that definitely deserves to be heard by my readers.

Just started listening to it again tonight. I am really enjoying a lot more than the first time I heard it earlier this year. If you like Phantogram, I definitely would recommend Tiny Deaths. It is also one of my favorite releases of The retro'80s vibe is strong in this effort. Chloe Chaidez is my favorite singer right now.

She just has an incredible voice. Her voice is so distinctive from all the pop stars out there nowadays. Chloe does not have a generic sound. Chloe has a real strong knack for creating pop hooks that gets into a person's head. The music on Heaven or Somewhere In Between is somewhere between retro '60s and modern synthpop. With songs this catchy, why Kitten's music hasn't been heard by more people mystifies me. I discovered them earlier this year on bandcamp and really dug their mix of EBM which has both clean and distorted vocals.

Monday, October 10, Weekly Playlist for Lately I have been deleting and starting over with a few of my playlists because I felt unsatisfied with the results. My current favorite playlist I recreated was my Blutengel playlist which is my featured playlist of the week.

I really liked the results. I may tweak it from time to time like with a couple of other playlists. Friday, October 7, Music to Check Out. For this week's playlist of my current favorite songs, most of the songs are old favorites of mine but I did throw in a few newer tracks. They are performing at the Saloon next Monday night. In case you have never heard of the band, here is a couple of clips to get an idea of their sound.

It was really difficult for me to pick my album of the week after a recent trip to The Electric Fetus a few days but in the end I chose Moonbathers by Delain for my Album Of The Week pick. I have been enjoying the hell out of the album since I bought it this past Saturday. I always liked Delain but after seeing them last year in Chicago with Nightwish they really made a big fan out of me. I don't know why it took me this long to buy one of their albums but I am glad I bought their new album.

All of the songs have great hooks. Folks on both sides of the Atlantic praised it up and down, and rightly so.

The duo has taken the lead off track, Morning Child , which features the vocals of Carina Andersson , and allowed some guests to flip it for an EP worth of remixes. The track is already pretty killer, and it's always fresh to see some different takes.

It kicks off with the radio edit which you can listen to below , shifts to a stripped down and muted Daddy G remix think Tricky , and onto the Landau Orchestra Remix which retains a lot of the same instrumentation but likes to shift and play with it. The fourth track, the L. For the fifth track, it's the Danya Vodovoz Midnight Home Mix , which really chills things out to a cool pace.

Finally, rounding out the EP are three instrumental versions. It's exclusively available via iTunes and has been up since the beginning of the month, so head on over and check it out. Sunday, January 20, Sunday Soul - get Funky. Get more of Manu on Soul Makossa. Go with The Ultimate Collection for all their hits, or Anthology for a deeper cut. Sunday Spotlight - Crushed Stars. Today's spotlight shines on Crushed Stars , the moniker used by producer and multi-instrumentalist Todd Gatreau.

Todd has flitted in and out of view over the last eight to ten years in various projects producing various styles of music. His newest offering, Gossamer Days , is the third under the Crushed Stars name and is set to be released February 19th via Simulacra Records.

Todd was kind enough to talk about the closing track of the album, Clare Grogan's Scar. For those of you not familiar with Clare's name, she was the front-woman for early 80's new wave, post punk Scottish band Altered Image , and has since then worked as an actress in films as well as on TV.

Read more about her over at wikipedia. Questions and notes in black are mine. Text in red is Todd. This song starts off with the line "Hello Young Lovers Every crooner has covered that song. It sounds like such a hopeful sentiment. The next verse "I lost my shirt in New York , well I mean it literally Someone on the subway's wearing my shirt as we speak" is something that actually happened. The bag was kind of overflowing and I set it down while I played my set.

I realized later that several shirts had disappeared. But I figured at least people would be wearing them somewhere perhaps on the subway , so it would be good publicity. I first saw Clare Grogan in an Altered Images ' video.

She was a striking waif with a distinctive scar. And I always wondered what had happened. I recently found the answer when I searched online. She went on to become a TV star in Britain. She also sang on a track by The 6ths Stephen Merritt recently. If she hears about this song I hope she does not mind me mentioning it. My intention was one of utmost affection. I played all the instruments on this track. I believe it was the last song I wrote for the record.

I think it has a bit of an Epic Soundtracks influence.

End result: Twin Cities Electropunk Volume 4, available for FREE at TC Try two of the tracks below, then head over and download the rest for your listening pleasure. To top it off, you can download Volumes one through three while you're at it. Milkbar - Stop (Check Me Out): Twin Cities Electropunk Volume 4.

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  1. Thanks for listening and enjoy the music! Twin Cities Electropunk Volume 7 by Twin Cities Electropunk Volume 7, released 25 January 1. Avenpitch - Pincushion 2. OBCT - Like The Plague 3. The Surfactants - The Gift 4. Mach FoX - Dwell (TCEP7 Mix) 5. Thought Thieves - Parasite 6. Thosquanta - Dog, Go Git Dat Coon 7. Kether - Passage Tomb 8.
  2. # (Electropunk to Technopop ), compiles for the first time, both periods of Cabaret Voltaire together on one release-- all remastered from original files. It contains singles and popular tracksand also includes single mixes not previously available digitally/5(8).
  3. View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the Vinyl release of Twin Cities Rocks! on Discogs. Label: Stereo - TC • Format: Vinyl LP, Compilation • Country: US • 2/5(2).
  4. Trace and cut out 2 circles from the felt you chose for your pincushion. One big circle (top part) measuring 21 cm (8,3 inches) in diameter and one smaller (bottom part) measuring 16 cm (6,3 inches) in diameter.
  5. When I went to the TCEP #7 CD release show on Saturday night, I picked up a copy of Promidal's EP Dead Nation. If you like aggrotech, I definitely think you will like the harsh,nihilistic sounds of Promidal. Twin Cities Electropunk Volume 7.
  6. View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the CD release of Twin Town High, Music Yearbook Volume 09 on Discogs.
  7. Album Of The Week: Twin Cities Electropunk Vol.8 For this week's pick for Album Of The Week, I chose the latest volume in the long running series Twin Cities Electropunk (Vol.8). This is a local series in the twin cities that has been going on for 12 years.
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