Pig & Sucker - Picastro - Become Secret (CD, Album)

Become Secret. User Score. Your Score. Rate this:. Log in to finish rating Become Secret. Share this? Summary: Liz Hysen's Toronto-based band which also includes cellists, releases its fourth full-length album. Critic Reviews.

Score distribution:. Positive: 4 out of 5. Explore music. Favorite track: Blood Sermon. Mike Swag. Mike Swag Soaring heavy metal licks, crushing riffs while Dwid spits black fire. Two thumbs up for this incarnation of Integrity. Favorite track: Serpent of the Crossroads.

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  1. Picastro's fourth album finds Liz Hysen and her bandmates again tackling preconceptions of what a rock band is supposed to be -- calling Become Secret a chamber pop album isn't really accurate, but it's hard to hear it as anything but an exploration in the tension between Hysen's compelling vocals and the varied instrumentation throughout. The slocore tag Picastro received early on in some 8/
  2. The cult Canadian avant-folkers return with their fourth album, become Secret, a dark and very rich listening experience that finds the band's frontwoman and songwriter, Liz Hysen, at the top of her game. Beginning with the elegantly rundown piano and cello of 'Twilight Parting', the band seem to sigh into life, leading you towards the more menacing sounds of 'A Dune A Doom' which adds a cloak.
  3. Picastro - Pig And Sucker Lyrics. Bend Over, Cause life's short, Your mouths full, And it's too dark, I don't love you, and that don't mean I don't want you, Stop lau.
  4. Apr 22,  · Picastro Become Secret Hence the album title, I crave secrets! PM: Picastro songs seem to have at best a deeply ambivalent take on love and sex ("Friend of Mine," "Split Head," "Pig & Sucker Author: Ian Mathers.
  5. Mar 17,  · Picastro: Become Secret Ian Mathers. most unsettling album. you're on me" at the end of "Pig & Sucker" in a way that makes it clear that nothing good is 9/
  6. Metacritic Music Reviews, Become Secret by Picastro, Liz Hysen's Toronto-based band which also includes cellists, releases its fourth full-length album.
  7. Feb 27,  · Picastro is a sleep rock band from Toronto, currently consisting of vocalist Liz Hysen, cellist Nick Storring and drummer Brandon Valdivia. About Video: Bliz.
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