Mind Your Eye - Livet Som Insats - Check Your Grind (Cassette, Album)

Decaying Purity released a demo and two brutal albums between - , and at the end of the year their highly acclaimed 3rd album was fully written. Now we are proud to announce that we will finally release this masterpiece on vinyl, it comes with a heavy Gatefold Sleeve, a full colored artwork by Paolo Girardi printed on the reverse side of the board and it's available on orange marbled and black vinyl.

Decaying Purity are currently on tour, and they are part of this years Obscene Extreme Fest. Double label, double cover, double limited colored edition. Mein Konto. Mehr Discography Klamotten Contact. CDs Boxsets Mehr Accessoires Sonnenbrillen Mehr Skateboards Sale Free Stuff. Deutschland Deutsch. United States English.

Home News. Fuck On The Beach If you don't know what to expect here I can't really help, this is brutal, lightspeed clattering blasts, razorwire treble drenched guitar and whirling layered screaming at it's finest. Plenty of ear splitting distortion, feedback, mics peaking and everything way too loud in the best way. This is fun loving fastcore powervioelce from Japan which I'm pretty sure even has a 'clap-track' on the self titled outro track. Fucking excelent.

This side of the split is primarily hyper fast d-beats with the odd blast thrown in, so is sonically the inverse of the Terlarang side. For fants of Japanese style everything faster and louder style grindviolence.

Following in the footsteps of giants like Trap Them and Converge but finding heavier emphasis in 'blackened' elements than either. However this tag should not detract from what is primarily a thorough study in chaotic post-hardcore. The album pulses with swelling instrumental interludes providing parenthesis around solid chunks of blast-tinged, rolling chaotic hardcore. Vocally frontman Olivier delivers verse in native French, providing discourse in the manner of prose, dealing with the horror and darkness found for many in contemporary society, murder, drug abuse and the almost exclusively death metal territory of ghoul behaviour grave robbing.

These themes are all symboloised in the artwork, providing stark monochrome imagery of a jackal and vultures fighting over a carcass. BIND TORTURE KILL are really pushing the boundries of what can be acomplished by a single guitarist and drummer line up albeit with three amps, ala Magrudergrind , using intelligent song structure and aplication of pedals the band really sounds like the "full" two guitars and bass more usually seen in the genre.

Track times on this 34minute, 9 song release vary in length from under two minutes to over seven, this speaks to the band's ability to write diverse music while retaining their own sound and not straying from being very firmly grounded in the Post-Hardcore genre.

Kommentare: 0. This package comes with some really nice extras!!! Yet its gloomy light and shrouded divinity should also find a home in the hearts of those with a love of the more emotive side of In Mourning and Swallow The Sun, to whose sound much of Restoration is a distant cousin. Intelligently composed, and emotionally exposed, Restoration is, above all else, a rewarding musical journey. All these themes were really inspiring to create and articulate songs together, in order to instill sense in a mainly instrumental record.

Of course, these are also included in the brief vocal appearance, as a character doomed to carry the world-weight on his shoulder definitely worth some shouts. Following the same path of audial terror.

Henry Kane is the solo effort of Johnny Pettersson of Wombbath, Ashcloud, Gods Forsaken and dozens of other nightmare inducing death metal bands. Recorded, mixed and mastered at Studio Unbound, you could be forgiven for thinking this side of the split was a previously unreleased Rotten Sound effort. Absolutely relentless clinical blast beats and ear shattering chainsaw guitar sounds argue with throat shredding vocals here.

These five tracks have no time for pretension, no prog moments of atmosphere or technical peacocking. The only atmosphere is that of a dense cloud of gain, the only technicality the speed of the performence.

Proper blasting grind! I purchased this album to let you all know this. I will probably never listen to the music. Jimmy McNulty. We Are The Gore by Haemorrhage.

Everyone always wondered where is the gore Always Already by la luna. Crashing female-fronted hardcore perfect for afternoon slump revival. Minimal post-punk with a potent message from Melbourne. II by Magrudergrind. I feel this is Magrudergrinds best album yet.

Grotesque Prod. Isengard Prod. Nuclear Winter Nuctemeron Records O. Ossuary Ind. This is raw and straight to the point grind with a touch of groove riffing to please headbangers. Unrelenting and consistent, there's no breaks nor moments to take a breath. Just pure grind! It's all just noise, but for the fun of it, I thought every other post I'd post one here for no reason other than I find them hilarious. The booming bass sound does seem to pulsate at times but it is subtle.

This goes on like this for 12 minutes. This is some pretty standard deathcore, nothing fancy or mindblowing, but it's not terrible. The instrumentalists prove that they can do grindcore based blasts with the best of them and technically proficient enough to do some mosh-worthy breakdowns. Some catchy melodeath riffs are thrown in for good measure. New Hampshire's Gorepedo is continuing to this long tradition and doing it with the speed and ferocity of a frickin hurricane!

I use the word blistering often enough, but man these guys are the very definition of blistering! Definitely a band to keep an eye out for! Gadget is definitely among those stars, producing full blown grind that has all the blastbeats and in your face aggression while incorporating elements from thrash, death metal, Swedish dbeat, and other heavy genres. This album is a masterpiece of grind, and definitely will be on my top of !

What I didn't know was how far back in time did the metal flow. Post Mark as far as I can tell is the earliest heavy metal band from India and the earliest to release a full length. Formed in they played traditional heavy metal with a touch of thrash for good measure. Plus they incorporate traditional Indian folk music elements into their sound.

Now the elements are kinda subtle to the unknowing ear, for example, this track apparently uses the beat of Thabal Chongba a popular Manipuri dance. Not yours, Mine! I am right, you are wrong!

Frantic blast beats and exhausted screams of anguish assist the filthy string strangulation in dragging you head first into some of the most filthy and heavy monstrosity born of powerviolence. Water Torture by Water Torture. Thedowngoing — Untitled EP. A fine example of noise worship objectivity expressed through the medium of music, hellishly high vocal shrills, jarring stabs of noise, helter-skelter guitar turbulence, all accompanied by blast-heavy and blast-fast drum rhetoric.

Horsebastard — Equestrian Blastcore. What this release may lack in production quality is redeemed fold by its unrelenting gushing of energy. I plan to come again as a guest, alone or with friends - time will tell. Thanks to Curby and Team for the great time we had. PS:We did meet a lot of long time friends, fans, bands and amazing people. Uarghhhhh there will be noise!!! Bands of this style are more and more needed at Obscene Extreme Festival!

There will never be enough of them! Slow rolling passages turning into brutal grind discharges. Live this will be a total destruction! Do you know any band from the Antipodes not being worth it? Hard to find. This year at OEF !!! It is totally pointless to introduce this pack of gigolos to you, the fans of extreme music.

They started their perverse expedition as long ago as SPASM will have no less then two pieces of news this year. Well, get ready to put on Borat mankini and see you in the moshpit :.

The whole ug world loves this band. So we all are impatiently waiting for their new full album. The reason is pretty clear. GRIDE is cult!!! All their Obscene Extreme live performances were always one of the best shows you can ever see at OEF!!! That their complexity could alter to a undigestible fusion due to too much jazz??? That their brutal technical style is no good for pogo??? Or that their uniqueness is nowhere to push??? Mistake, dear ladies and gentlemen.

Come to be convinced of the contrary!!! Remember this name. Between they recorded and put out three iconic demos and then they chose to follow diverse paths. Now after more than thirty years they feel like meeting again. This veteran squad will show you at this year Obscene Extreme Festival that they are definitely not ready for the scrap heap!!! We are having a smasher for you! You do not know what that is? This just cannot be a bad bandll! And what is the production of these gentlemen like?

Well, it will not be emo apparently. Having heard the first music samples it seems to be a premium above-average quality! Even a bigger sensation could be the fact that the show at Obscene Extreme Festival will be their absolutely first live performance!

Well, this is called an honour! We hope you will take part in the first show of this all-star death metal band. This will be plain hell!!! The first thing that comes to mind is the large amount of freaks and weird persons you come across at the festival, but also the friendly atmosphere and the no-nonsense-attitude of the crew. Short breaks are of course a good thing for the crowd. Raging vocals, drums running at breathless speed and that fantastic riffing that combines classic HC outbursts with blazing metallic solos sounding like flying demons slicing your throat!

They have recently re-united, in memory of their legendary former guitarist Chelsea that passed away on August 17th Thousands of grinders all over the world have been waiting for this moment for many years and now it is here! An exclusive show at Obscene Extreme fest and a comeback we have been impatiently waiting for!!! Precise riffs, intense cyclone. We are expecting nothing less!!! You just cannot miss that!!!

Our enthusiasm knows no limits!!! There are many descriptions of the style they play. But it is very hard to define it precisely. Is it noise rock? Or synth grind? Our answer sounds like this - come on and listen to them at Obscene Extreme Festival in Trutnov!

To tell something about this band that has been around for more than twenty years should be more than easy. We assume you have heard about them. Ten albums, over twenty singles, crazy shows on stage, unorthodox music style.

It will be their second performance in Czech only moreover. Its amazing independent music festival. I salute to everyone behind the festival working as professional organizers for the bands and the crowd. I felt like home, met many freaky friendly people and great bands and the important thing is the hospitality, OEF is my family! When I think of Obscene Extreme, the first thing that comes to mind is what a total fucking triumph it is.

My lasting memory of that show will be a dude, naked from the waist down, backflipping directly in front of me into the audience.

AXIS OF DESPAIR: and the machine rolls on 7” (The third EP of this well known Swedish band made of former and present members of such bands as NASUM, COLDWORKER, INFANTICIDE, VOLTURYON, LIVET SOM INSATS, KRIGSHOT. 6 new grindcore songs recorded during the session of "Contempt For Man" album. For fans of NASUM, ROTTEN SOUND, NAPALM DEATH) 4€.

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  1. Mar 26,  · View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the CD release of Check Your Grind on Discogs/5(5).
  2. Discover releases, reviews, credits, songs, and more about Livet Som Insats - Check Your Grind at Discogs. Complete your Livet Som Insats collection/5(15).
  3. Check your Grind by Livet som Insats, released 09 June 1. Introduktion Till Livet 2. Like And Share 3. Fobi, Unik, Panik 4. Sköt Dig Själv Och Skit I Andra Gubbjävel! 5. Mot En Fördomsfri Framtid 6. Se Dig För 7. En I Statistiken 8. Ord Som Vapen 9. Sound Of Oblivion Medaljongrawk Klyschor På Beställning Närodlad Politik
  4. EDH Check your grind CD/ 12"LP by LIVET SOM INSATS, released 27 March 1. Introduktion Till Livet 2. Like And Share 3. Fobi, Unik, Panik 4. Sköt Dig Själv Och Skit I Andra Gubbjävel! 5. Mot En Fördomsfri Framtid 6. Se Dig För 7. En I Statistiken 8. Ord Som Vapen 9. Sound Of Oblivion Medaljongrawk Klyschor Pć Beställning
  5. Currently with one full-length to their name and an EP and split, the group is getting ready to unleash their newest in your face assault with Check Your Grind from Everydayhate Records. These tracks, (24 total in less than 24 minutes) prove that this group loves it fast and heavy. Livet Som Insats are ready to make a statement.
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  7. LIVET SOM INSATS- check your grind-(tape import) TVSK- learn to die- (profesional tape) DISROTTED- divination- cs.
  8. Seven years after its previous album, Gutter tactics, D a lek is back with this Asphalt for Eden surprisingly released by Profound lore (and why not!). DJ Octopus is not in the band anymore but the classical Dalek sound is still there, maybe it's just closer to the more classical boom-bap sound of the other MC Dalek project Iconaclass.
  9. This one was one of the very best hardcore album released last year. Torso is a band with members from Punch (Califormia) and Holy (Italia). No wonder they play some fast and aggressive hardcore. The album called Sono Pronta a Morire is a condensed version of how hardcore should sound, fierce and straight to the point. The female vocals, the riffing and the drumming are very good.

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