Getup - Jordan Fields - Straight From The Tapes (Vinyl)

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Why should the prices come down? The physical medium is only part of the price. You have to be kidding. One of the reasons music sales are in the toilet and piracy thrives was a reaction to the cost of CDs. Buy a couple of books on the music business, so you have some idea of how we got where we are today. But they did. Are you kidding I remember when CDs first came out they cost 60 to dollars now the can be had for LPs now run 40 dollars and up.

Cds dont suffer from the snap crackle pop rice crispies syndrome. The next think you know some nut job is going to a headphone that introduces the warmth and static and tube distortion to live performances. That seems to be the big reason vinyl is more rewarding to people who love vinyl, in my experience.

Vinyl sounds crappy on a cheap TT. And vinyl from digital sources sound wonderful through a great cartridge. None of my CD players or computers can compare.

Jim, thrilled by the resurgence of vinyl and looking forward to continued meteoric growth in the coming years. How can you hope to be able to tell the difference between three tracks originally produced in the early 70s on analog tape with a high-resolution transfer of the same thing?

The new lacquers will have less fidelity, more speed issues, more distortion, click and pops, and folded low frequency mono than the original PCM digital tracks. The improvement is dramatic. I also write a daily blog at Real HD-Audio about this subject…you might want to come by and learn a little about what makes high-resolution audio a step in the right direction for the music business AND why Neil Young, David Pogue and others have got it so wrong. There is a growing minority that now wants that tactical experience of music ownership.

They want to hold it, smell it, take care of it, collect it physically and none of that is possible with digital files. Seek out his TedTalk on Jobs. I assume that he no longer uses the CD master for the Vinyl. I know he was a huge proponent of Digital sound at one time,which sounds almost as weird to say now as realizing that he still is pushing Digital. My theory about why vinyl sounds better goes beyond the analog mastering and the nice album art and having the actual physical music in the room rather that just the code.

A band playing in the middle of an empty field would sound cleaner like a CD but in a concert hall it sounds better because the sound bounces around and interacts with itself.

Crank it up! As per the interesting comments, our discussion re the merits of vinyl record vs the compact disc is still deeply interwoven with the analogue vs digital recording discussion, and which? Wonderful to have choices. Though he sells far more vinyl than cd, i asked him to pick out the best recording in the joint.

So that is an acoustic live analogue re-mastered for CD. That holds good for me with my equipment and my copies, not to say there are not exceptions. Both Columbia and Impulse, the US edition is more fresh and dynamic.

The reasons are not important, just judging the results. Confounding factors are the equipment you are listening with — some kit is ruthlessly revealing, others are very forgiving. Also, not all copies of an edition are equal.

Sounds intended for CD, but stripped onto vinyl. Does not augur well. I do have the blue train with the westrex cutting. It varies from title to title of course. Red vinyl is more difficult to determine surface condition, though the Japanese mostly took very great care of their vinyl unlike some countries I could mention!

I do have a couple of LNJs as well as later Toshibas which mentioned that they were cut using the westex 3d II cutting head and they sound great. How do you rate the Tone Poet releases so far? Well, I am what you might call a fussy listener, with a palate formed in original pressings, and early reissues.

I think they compare exceptionally well with their original counterparts. I do want Byrd In Flight. If the music hits the spot, you are on a winner. A quick question as I have not gone through all the comments here but was the Classic reissues in mono consider in this sound quality comparison? Ayone else see either Liberty or UA records with laminate covers?? Assuming this is an accurate grade, which is likely to sound better?

Recordings Van Gelder made in were destined for mono, and in my view, should remain so. But he did create a stereo master, issued on W63rd labels. A copy on Popsike here. However the original two-track recording will still have been intended for mono. However I think the mono would sound better than each of them, because of the hard panning inherent in the original mix.

Thank you! Was wondering if this one was from a dedicated stereo master. A better question to ask is did Rudy ever do any stereo Blue Note recordings? The only recordings I have heard that come even close to stereo are the live recordings, such as the Byrd the Half Note. Thanks for updating this. I value her ear as she has no idea how much I have paid for most of my collection. I have a friend with a large jazz collection similar to my own, around 2, LPs, but by a quirk of collecting fate, we often have different editions between us of the same title, which enables us to do a lot of A:B comparisons.

Not even subtle difference, the original press is more muscular, dynamic, and dammit, more musical. It would be churlish of me not to mention the original press took me around four years to acquire at an acceptable price, and cost me around four times the MM However I consider it worth the effort, beautiful album, need to be heard in its full glory.

I agree with you wholeheartedly LJC. If that is what you like, the OG is the way to go. Getting the best Lion sound is wholly different that getting the best sound, that would be what is on the tape. At that point, you can decide to emphasize what you like, choices. It would be nice to have collection choc full of early pressings, but alas self restraint kicks in as I spend hours browsing with the mouse hovering over potential bids or purchases.

Beyond these dates however, Toshiba continued with further reissues through to the present day, however any Toshiba Blue Note manufactured after should be treated with great scepticism. Often sold on the back of the reputation of earlier years,more recent Toshiba are not the same audio quality as the vintage releases I noticed that Toshiba had two series.

I guess both of them will sound the same? Are you basing the deadwax info from Una Mas copies in-hand or from Discogs? I found the information there often to be incomplete, incorrect or copied over from a draft if not all of the above. Difficult to say with any certainty without actually buying a copy of each to make the comparison, not something anyone is likely to do.

The reason I hesitate is that on a few occasions I have had two copies of the same title and same pressing, sometimes they sound identical, but with another title, it happens that copy one sounds stronger than the other. With a few exceptions, quality of sound is worse on the more modern pressings, better on older ones. I listened with a friend yesterday to a Mobile Fidelity reissue compared with its original Decca release, and I was utterly shocked how poor the MoFi sounded in comparison.

Difference was huge. Liquid Liquid Comp 2 versions. Attica Blues Album 2 versions. Q-Bert Mix-Live!! Holonic 'The Self Megamix' Album 2 versions. Push The Button Album 2 versions. Psyence Fiction Album 2 versions. Hand In Your Head Maxi 2 versions. Maybe I'm Dead Single 2 versions.

You Can't Go Home Again! The Private Press Album 3 versions. Never, Never, Land Album 2 versions. Vision Soundcarriers. Third Version E. Mo Wax , Island Records. Ian Brown. Thom Yorke. Preemptive Strike Comp 2 versions. Preemptive Strike Comp 4 versions. Pretty much anything you want to personalize, label, customize, or advertise. You know how you can print on paper in your desktop printer? You can print on vinyl too! For making easy, professional-looking stickers there is nothing better.

It just pools and runs off the page. It looks horrible! Instead, you could try painstakingly laying six different colors of vinyl on your transfer tape. The final product can be absolutely stunning, but the process of weeding and layering and transferring can be…a bit of a chore. To say the least! Or you could just use printable vinyl, it comes with a special coating on one side that can be printed on beautifully. Hear that? No weeding! No transfer tape! Suddenly you can make decals with cartoon animals, anime characters, logos, even pictures of your cat or…your chicken?

You can get color effects and details that are impossible with regular adhesive vinyl, like watercolor, shading, and intricate line work. Better than regular paper stickers, printable vinyl can actually be made waterproof by adding a layer of clear vinyl on top. If you want stickers that really last you definitely want to use printable vinyl. Get ready, because soon everyone will be knocking on your door wanting special stickers printed and cut for all of their projects and events.

If you want to skip ahead to setting up your business, just click here. DIY decals are super easy to make as long as you have the right equipment, materials, and tools for the job. If you have a Cricut machine, you can follow along with this tutorial and just use Design Space instead.

Underground Fundamentals Volume One 3 versions. Red Cat Records. La Casa Records. Xploration EP EP 3 versions. Lazyboy Records. Rendezvous E. EP 2 versions.

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  1. Explore releases from Jordan Fields at Discogs. Shop for Vinyl, CDs and more from Jordan Fields at the Discogs Marketplace.
  2. Jan 23,  · View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the Vinyl release of DUB International on Discogs. Label: All That Jelly - ATJ • Format: Vinyl 12 Jordan Fields - DUB International (, Vinyl) | Discogs/5(13).
  3. Feb 18,  · British legendary "trip hop" label owned and run by James Lavelle. Launched in , defunct in For copyrights (℗ & ©), publishing, or licensing issues consider using Mo Wax Recordings, Mo Wax Labels Ltd., Mo Wax Music Ltd., or Mo Wax Japan.
  4. Add transfer tape to your vinyl. Press firmly over the surface to make sure that your buffalo plaid vinyl sticks to the tape. Then place the vinyl onto your tray where you would like the design. Again, use pressure against the surface to make sure that the vinyl sticks to your tray. Carefully remove the transfer tape. If your vinyl comes up.
  5. Nov 24,  · Jordan Fields ‎- Off Tha Muthafuckin Hook EP Label: Catalyst Recordings ‎- CAT Format: Vinyl, 12", EP Country: US Released: Style: House, Disco.
  6. This vinyl edition is mastered in all analog by Bernie Grundman using the 1/4” safety master tapes from The Vault. [ Pre-order Joe's Garage vinyl ] Taken together the albums are a master’s class in subversive wit, creative genius and uncompromising artistry that flies in the face of convention.
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