Dont Mean Shit (Julian Napolitano Remix)

But the poor in America are used to this. Just rolling with the punches of the American way. I wish we could have a do-over in the primaries. UBI, debt jubilee are ideas whose time is now. I used to think this type of world, show in exhaustion in movies, was a sort of dystopia. As a side, totally off-topic note, why is it that publishing comments here is automatic, while at iSteve it takes days? His moderation is so slow! I almost gave up commenting there, when he finally publishes my comment, the discussion already moved forward and it has no point anymore.

Usually as the first ones. I think you are quite right with all of this, P. CDs will have numbers like 0. What would people do? Gold, bitchez! Socialism, Socialism, Socialism! We have a much more responsible American population now!

Sailer is one of the few writers here that does his own moderation. He must have a good number of grandfathered-in commenters whose comments go directly up, as with mine on here thank you, A. This IS much more pleasant. I can tell from experience, Dumbo, that Mr. Sailer is not an early-morning type guy. From 1 P Los Angeles time to well after midnight most times, your comment will appear pretty quickly.

I think those just got missed. You need to comment on iSteve time, which could be really impractical, depending on where you live. We have a much more responsible irresponsible American population now! Oh hell yes!

Is that it? What should we responsible people do at this point? Just asking for my friends too…. Who has power and money right now that would benefit from debt jubilee? Contact those people and get them on board. And, you might want to adjust it upward for how much things cost where I live.

How is that safe? How is it any more absurd than the idea of an a financial instrument being an income producing asset? You can get wealthy by doing nothing expect placing money into the magic box. So think about this. Is UBI, in this context, with everything else the same, good for you? Take the money, of course, but understand what they are trying to do to you. Try to find countermeasures. Socialism for everyone including the white middle and working class instead of just socialism for the rich, the non-whites, and the ultra-poor.

I did not want government ownership of economic entities, as a matter of fact we should franchise the USPS. I want an anti-monopoly, efficient and fair social welfare centered government. We need a social welfare system that encourages responsibility, not the one that we have now that is inefficient, work dis-incentivizing, arbitrary and unjust.

Not just the rule of 72, but also, especially, the productivity of the people. There was a time when Americans did indeed make things and add value. In those days, which I remember, you could indeed double your purchasing power, your real money, in a certain amount of time. Our parents made things. No bandaids. The only way to really fix the system is to start making real, physical things again. Screw the financial guys, and that means me too. Draw a line around our country, and make stuff here.

Let the free market work inside that line, where our culture and our people live. Stop forcing them to compete with, and therefore become like, East Asian worker bees. Capitalism works well when integrated with socialism. A debt jubilee is necessary, especially the elimination of student debt. Is it a wise idea, in a consumer-driven economy, to place a debt burden on a newly-trained work-force, leaving them unable to buy houses and cars and the rest of the crap that advertisers inject into our dreams?

Instead, they speculated in the creation of large amounts of theoretically profitable commercial real estate as young families were being crushed under the weight of sky- rocketing home mortgages and declining real wages. The relative unaffordability of housing delayed the onset of nesting far longer than those born before Courtship behavior is notoriously consumptive and exhausting.

Nesting behavior is investive and constructive. In reality, it is too late to do anything for the members of this group since most of its females are now leaving their childbearing years — some desperately risking late pregnancies. Most families have already been irreversibly damaged, assuming they were formed at all.

The best we can do now is attempt to rebuild the middle class for future generations and try to allow those we have decimated to build some equity for retirement with their productive years.

Centralization of the growing asset base, with values inflated by debt, were the result. Little was done in government policy to get boomers into ownership of their own businesses during their years of peak productivity. This is because the profits on this huge influx of highly productive man-hours could more easily be captured from increasingly centralized and anti competitive corporations.

The end result of this risk inversion is a low rate of return on the U. Many have postponed childbearing and nesting too long. Millions of potential families, not to mention tens of millions of children aborted for financial reasons, have been lost to our society forever. In short, our social contract has been breached and the angry plaintiffs are about to realize they can sue. However the increasing demoralization of this group combined with its increasing age and experience is leading to an inevitable collision with destiny.

But someone, probably a destructive demagogue, is bound to call their bluff sooner or later. Adoption of the NAT and market democracy can avert this tragic outcome and resurrect the American Dream. The ascent of finance capital during the Reagan-go-go years was the beginning of the end of the middle class. A class of parasites assumed control of the economy. Sorry, we are all out of these social welfare systems that encourage responsibility of which you speak.

That would be private charity by good people in a unified country. Sorry, we are all out now. Tank you, come again. I never liked your Commie comments to begin with, Daniel, and now I see how you got this way. Pay the thing off each month. Steve has gone way downhill. Even white collar jobs are at risk as AI is increasingly being used to do routine legal work and routine medical diagnosis.

They just could not comprehend that when you have millions of unemployed men desperate to feed their families that torches and pitchforks will come out. People buy long term debt with no intention of holding it to maturity; long-term debt is purchased with an expectation that rates will decline also known as the market value of that debt rising so that it may be sold well in advance of maturity for a capital gain.

The UBI is hilarious: 1. Teach people that production productive effort is irrelevant. Make people utterly dependent on their political masters turning all Americans into what Native Americans on the Rez know all too well.

When money is debt, debt is money and debt is wealth. You see this take a lot, but I have to doubt. How does the torch and pitchfork lead to feeding the family?

Are they going to literally eat fund managers? The great thing about our system from the point of view of the ruling class is that it dilutes responsibility. Everything is by committee, and nobody knows who is on the committee. The universal is what is appealing about it to me. I have paid into the system for decades but rarely get anything back.

I want one of two extremes. UBI or cut everyone off. The status quo of saftey net for single mothers, everyone else fend for yourself is unacceptable. Achmed, you are truly a prisoner of the past. It would be easier actually, it is near impossible to seize control of the government and use it to accomplish our goals than it would be to recreate all the little platoons that began disappearing documented years ago.

You have to work with the economy and culture that you have, not the one that you daydream about. People work to produce. The only way to consume, unless you own slaves, is to produce and exchange your production for the production of other people. Some people can produce by themselves in their home. Or a hot girl who posts pictures in skimpy clothing and gets millions of hits.

She produces entertainment and enjoyment for viewers. But most people have to go to a job because they really cant think of a way to produce stuff that other people value enough to give them their stuff. At a job, someone else put together a enterprise to produce. If few people produce then their will be shortages of production. Welcome to the world you ushered in. Iffen, the economy and culture we have now are crap!

And then it all falls apart, because too many have no incentive to actually produce the things the society needs. Men are not just economic machines. They need to work to feel useful and dignified. We see the pernicious effects of unearned money with welfare recipients. US: 1,, [B] [36]. US: 2,, [C] [2]. US: 1,, [C] [2]. US: 1,, [C] [40]. US: , [C] [2]. US: , [D] [40].

NFPF: Gold [52]. US: , [D] [53]. US: , [A] [55]. US: , [56] World: , US: 1,, [2]. US: , [67]. US: , [2]. MC: Gold [34]. Format: CD, digital download. US: 2,, [36]. US: , [36]. RIAA: Gold [32]. US: , [70]. It features live performances as well as backstage content from various rappers, including Dr.

Atwell and narrated by Dr. RMNZ: Gold []. Gridlock'd soundtrack. Men in Black: The Album. No Limit Top Dogg. BPI: Silver [33]. Baby Boy soundtrack. Dolittle 2 soundtrack. Undercover Brother soundtrack. Paid tha Cost to Be da Boss. SNEP: Gold []. The Neptunes Present RIAA: Platinum [32]. Tha Blue Carpet Treatment. Malice n Wonderland. Sex Therapy: The Session. Plata O Plomo. Deep Cover soundtrack. RIAA: Platinum []. RIAA: Gold []. Above the Rim soundtrack. Murder Was the Case soundtrack.

G-Funk Classics, Vol. Soundtrack to the Streets. Word on tha Streets. The Movement. ARIA: Platinum []. Beware of Dog. My World, My Way. Personal Business. The push n pull vocal phrasing is what did it for me. Kai Alce played Bang the Party with me once and he was a cool dude. Hypnotized brett dancer remix — Just some cool bumping shit to keep you changing lanes with the quickness. I threw on the Mr V acapella cuz why not. This is about as mainstream house as I can go before my people start looking at me funny.

Follow your instincts, DJs. So tell me baby pretty baby that this house is not a graveyard, tell me how to stay strong and carry you home, over corpses of our long It's not about a salary It's all about describing the reality that's grabbin me accurately [Chorus] [Buckshot Robot :] I can't rap - Pass me the program I can't sing - Pass me the prograaaaam It's so sad to me KRIS, tell 'em more why it Aids - Germ Head Play This all seems so shit to me Now understand we'll never be Me and you are not the same Quit your act this aint no game Be ashamed, be afraid I hope you die of fucking aids I hope you Just For Me - Smogus Play Are You Talking To Me???

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