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This is also good for you lower fertilizer costs. Improves your lawn. Leaving grass clippings on the lawn returns nutrients to the soil resulting in healthier turf. Reduces the amount of garbage you throw out. Allow your grass to grow to three inches and then cut no more than one inch off the top. This is the "one-third" rule. This helps develop a deeper root system which is a natural defense against weeds, disease and drought.

Thatch is an accumulation of the "woody" parts of the grass plant: stems, roots and stolons, not the clippings. Thatch is most often caused by over-watering and over-fertilizing.

Cutting grass before it is overgrown is easier and faster. Eliminating the time and effort it takes to bag clippings further shortens the mowing time.

In fact, a good mower with a mulching kit can often look just as good as a lawn that has the clippings bagged. However, using a side-discharge mower should be avoided as they tend to leave piles of clipped grass in the lawn. If you bag your clippings, you could start a compost pile.

Maybe in the back corner of your yard. Then you will not have to pay the extra charge to have the clippings hauled away. Best of all, you can spread the compost back over your lawn, as a top-dressing once or twice a year. This helps you add nutrients back into the lawn that would have been otherwise removed. This can even mean that you will have to apply less fertilizer to the lawn! If you want free lawn care bids for hauling off your grass clippings.

And of course, if you want more information on lawn care, keep reading our blog. Powered by Froala Editor. At GreenPal, we're helping hundreds of thousands of Americans solve one of the trickiest problems: a reliable, fast, and affordable way to get lawncare taken care of. Please feel free to say hi on Twitter or connect with me on LinkedIn. Follow me on:.

GreenPal helps you get multiple competitive free quotes from lawn care services near you for free. Our lawn grows crazy-fast and if I'm too slow between mowings, I leave a thick trail of grass clippings on the lawn.

So two questions:. I've seen cautions about pesticides, etc - that isn't a problem here. I've also heard of people drying clippings first; is that necessary? Are there any nuances to be aware of? Yes you can. Grass clippings are a good mulch for the vegetable garden.

They help retain moisture, insulate the soil so it doesn't get too warm and provide nutrients as they break down. I've never had a problem putting them directly around plants right after cutting but many times I'll pile it up near the plants for a day or two if I'm really hot and tired.

I knew someone that used to only compost their lawn clippings. They'd pile it up in a corner of their yard. Never turned it or anything. Broke down fine but others have problems with it. I try to return as much of the clippings to the lawn as possible though because it cuts down on water and fertilizer needs. Sometimes I'll spread it out, one week I'll bag for the garden, one or two weeks mulch mow.

There can be issues with weed seeds spreading to your garden but if you have a couple of inches of grass over the beds most won't survive. The resulting larger root system gathers ample supplies of moisture and nutrients from grass clippings as they decompose.

As summer temperatures rise, grass grows more slowly, and so the mowing decreases. Grass clippings left on the lawn during hot summer days acts as a mulch, keeping moisture in the soil. One-half-inch-long clippings fall between grass blades and contact soil. Your lawn may produce more grass clippings than needed during the growing season. Consider raking the excess clippings, picking them up and disposing of them in a compost pile, or use the clippings as a mulch layer in a vegetable garden.

Jun 08,  · You want clippings to be roughly 1/3 the height of your grass. For a 3-inch tall lawn, you want 1-inch long clippings, so mow when your grass is roughly 4 inches tall. Use the Right Equipment. Push mowers and mulching mowers both work well for grasscycling. If using an electric or gas mower, choose one powerful enough to cut your grass evenly.

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  1. Dec 05,  · Do lawn care companies haul off lawn clippings? In my experience, when I operated my landscaping business for 15 years. We would always haul off the clippings as part of the service. However, many friends of mine in the landscaping business would just dump them on the street curb for the municipality to come and collect them.. The problem with the latter is that you may have to look at .
  2. Dec 21,  · A small percentage of clippings will end up back in your lawn. This is a much healthier number of clippings. If you think your lawn maintenance program could use some tweaking, don’t be afraid to throw the bag on the mower this season! Check Out These Posts Next. How to Fertilize Your Lawn. Lawn Care Schedule Using Only 3 Products.
  3. Clippings don’t cause thatch. Contrary to a popular lawn myth, leaving clippings on the lawn does not cause thatch, which is a layer of partially decomposed grass-plant parts between the soil and live grass. Grass clippings are mostly water, so as long as you mow regularly at the right height, they will break down and disappear rapidly.
  4. A reader with a large lawn and concerned about the extra landscape maintenance required to rake up grass clippings asked, "Can I leave them on my lawn? Or will they cause harm?" It is a question that many homeowners have, so the answer is worth sharing with everyone tasked with mowing lawns.
  5. If you see signs of lawn disease, pick up the clippings to avoid spreading the problem. Grass clippings can also be collected for use in a compost pile or as mulch, unless you recently applied a weed control product to the lawn. Some folks bag their grass clippings for aesthetic reasons or to keep the clippings from being tracked into the house.
  6. 5. % Organic lawn care. When you use grass clippings as mulch it is a natural way of adding nutrients back into your soil. By using your grass clippings it means you probably won’t have to use any chemical fertilizer so you can keep it completely organic.
  7. By the time you cut the lawn again you can put another " on, if you have adequate clippings for that - I rarely have enough to keep up with having everything as mulched as I'd like it, so it's usually a bit longer before I get back to re-mulching, and I usually go a bit thinner on the second pass to make it .
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  9. There is a law against leaving yard debris and grass clippings in the street. According to City Code Ch 86 Section , "It shall be unlawful for any person to throw, spill, place, deposit or leave, or cause to be thrown, spilled, placed, deposited or left, or to permit any servant, agent or employee to throw, spill, place, deposit in or upon any street, highway, alley, sidewalk, park or.

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