Adult Woman - The Creepers (11) - The Creepers In Sneakin With The Creepers (Vinyl, LP, Album)

They do not realize that The Creeper is waiting for them. The Creeper chases the scared teens into a wide field, killing two of them. One of the teens, Bucky, returns to the bus with two others. Just as The Creeper attempts to grab him, the Taggarts, having tracked down the abandoned bus with help from Minxie, arrive and flash their car lights at the Creeper, forcing him to drop Bucky and as Jack, Sr.

Jack, Sr. The Creeper begins to pull the truck as the harpoon is connected to the machine by a rope until it throws the harpoon back at the Taggarts, who narrowly dodge the weapon. The Creeper then tries to fly through the bus, but Jack, Sr. But the Creeper survives, and pulls the truck so hard that it flips over, although both Taggarts escape at the last moment. Three teens, Izzy, Rhonda and Double D the Creeper's target find an abandoned truck sitting in the middle of the field, while its driver then became another victim of the Creeper.

The Creeper approaches as the three teens hijack the truck. As the Creeper chases the truck, Izzy pushes Rhonda out of the truck. Izzy, who was driving, then jumps out and runs away after crashing the truck into the Creeper, while the truck flips and is set ablaze. The Creeper loses its wings, right arm and left leg but he still pursues Double D, who is severely injured. As The Creeper is about to eat Double D to heal itself but D fights it off before the creeper gains an advantage and is about to consume him until Jack, Sr.

Severely injured, the Creeper is unable to defend himself as Jack Sr. The Creeper gazes at Jack Sr. At the same time, the Creeper apparently succumbs to his wounds. Minxie, the medium teenager, tells Jack, Sr. The teens look up to find the Creeper, with his body parts sewed back together, crucified to the wall as a tourist attraction. An elderly Jack, Sr. One of the teenagers asks if he is waiting for something, and Jack, Sr. In all three films, the Creeper is shown to be a rather twisted individual.

He seems to enjoy toying with his victims before killing them. By doing this he is not only able to amuse himself but it also works well in igniting more fear in his victims. However, once his time on earth nears its end, the Creeper can be extremely aggressive and ruthless, so he will continue to pursue his victims even when severely injured.

In the first film, the Creeper displayed more of a laid-back and almost human personality. He even uses some of the little time he has on Earth to make grotesque artwork from the bodies of his victims while listening to music.

However, once his time draws to a close in the second film, the Creeper begins to put his full power to use. Instead of playing road games with his victims and blending into human society he cuts right to the chase and ruthlessly hunts down his victims stopping only when he wants to "pick them out".

Despite being mostly animal-like and seemingly incapable of speech, the Creeper does display human emotions and intelligence. He is also shown to understand emotions such as amusement, anger, pain, and fear and at one brief moment it is hinted that he may understand compassion.

When Trish begs him to take her instead of Darry the Creeper does actually listen to her and seems to give her offer some thought rather than just immediately flying away. Nonetheless, the Creeper is merciless and unsympathetic for his victims and even goes so far as to turn their bodies into macabre art pieces which he then hangs on his wall like a hunting trophy.

Despite being hundreds of years old, the Creeper seems to possess a very advanced understanding of modern human technology, weapons, and anatomy. He can always drive a truck without difficulty, and has even found a way to make it travel at speeds that it normally would be incapable of.

He also seems to understand the process of taxidermy as he is able to keep human bodies perfectly preserved for centuries and even uses left-over body parts to craft his weapons. The Creeper is also shown to be incredibly calculating and shrewd when pursing his victims. He does not go full force on his victims unless they prove to be a challenge or if his time is short. Instead, he seems to prefer studying his victims from a distance by either donning a disguise or disabling their vehicles.

By doing this he can decide which ones would be the best candidates for him to pursue and strategically figure out how to catch them with the least difficulty.

It is possible that he first took out the adults on the bus in the second film, since they could calm, or at least anger the teenagers enough that their fear would be drowned out. Another strange thing to add is that, despite being somewhat heartless and evil, the Creeper does not seem to kill people indiscriminately, only going after the people he chooses, and sparing the rest. This might be due to the fact that he does not have time to do so or that he simply does not like to kill unnecessarily.

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A chase. An attack. Beating hearts, ripping claws, and ravenous eyes. You cannot evade what cannot be outrun, and you cannot hide from what lives to hunt.

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